2018 New Product Showcase

Find the latest and greatest safety, health and environmental products

The New Product Showcase offers exhibitors the opportunity to show their latest innovations to attendees with purchasing power. The 2018 New Product Showcase will be located outside the Expo floor. Take a look at the newest safety solutions appearing at the 2017 SSCE!

Booth #307
iFlex Fork Guard

Coupled with Memaplex engineering, the iFlex ForkGuard’s new and exclusive Aero Technology provides internal reinforcement along the full length of the protective body, delivering unprecedented levels of impact resistance and anti-piercing protection from vehicle forks and sharp objects.


Alchemy Systems
Booth #545
Safety Training

Safety starts with your employees! Alchemy's training, coaching, and reinforcement programs engage employees in your safety culture. Stop by booth #545 to see how we've helped leading manufactures significantly reduce lost time, medical, and OSHA incidents.


Booth #320

The patented Swivel-EAZ®Pro allows for ergonomically superior, maintenance-free design options that have never existed in the Material Handling Industry before. The Swivel-EAZ®Pro has a patented 3-axis system allowing for independent movement, smooth directional changes, unlimited load distribution layouts and customer tested results of 50-70% reductions in push/pull

Boss Manufacturing Company
Booth #613
Blade Defender Tech

Style # 1PU7001, S2 S-2x A4, Silicone Free Touch Screen Technology

Blade Knife Hawk
Style 1CF7007N S2 S-2x A-6, Hi-Vis Shell with Padded Palm.
Booth # 411

Carhartt® Inherent FR Work Shirt, exclusively from Cintas

Lightweight comfort and heavyweight protection; designed by Carhartt® and brought to you by Cintas.  Engineered with GlenGuard® 5.3 oz. FR fabric, to keep your employees cool and comfortable, no matter how harsh the conditions.  A garment you want to wear, from a brand you have grown to trust


Carhartt® Inherent FR Coverall, exclusively from Cintas

Durable, yet lightweight, this Carhartt® FR coverall from Cintas is designed for the toughest of conditions.  Constructed with GlenGuard® 5.3 oz FR fabric, wearers remain cool and comfortable.  Work boots are no match for the reinforced leg zippers that make taking this garment on or off a breeze.

Carhartt® Inherent FR Dungaree Work Pant, exclusively from Cintas

Brought to you by Cintas, this classic Carhartt® FR Dungaree gives you room to work comfortably.  Constructed from lightweight and breathable GlenGuard® 6.4 oz FR fabric, this built tough Dungaree has multiple tool pockets, reinforced back pockets and leg openings that accommodate work boots.

French Creek Fall Safety
Booth #214

Outlaw XR-30T SRL

Designed to be used as a connecting device in a personal fall arrest system, the Outlaw SRL provides freedom of movement to workers at various heights. The New XR-30T is a 30’ Self-Retracting Lifeline with non-conductive technora rope. Other cable options include: galvanized & stainless steel. Weight: 10lbs. 11’ unit

RGF Materials Company
Booth #726


Improve interior or exterior safety on stairs, ramps, boats and vehicles with Form-A-Tread®, the epoxy based tread making system.  Cost effective and customizable, it can be used wherever improved safety, traction and visibility are needed!

Matrix Design Group 
Booth #518

UVision is a significant advancement in lighting technology providing users with better illumination and enhanced reflective material viewing in hazardous or low-light environments. The patent-pending LED configuration is also color programmable, allowing for use as an auto-reversing headlight / taillight combination on mobile equipment.

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Enginuity Global, LLC 
Booth #723

Proxxi keeps workers safe around electricity. It notifies the wearer by vibration when they get too close to an energized device and helps reinforce the limits of approach. It is always on, always aware. Provides companies peace of mind and visibility through connected monitoring and insights into employee safety.