Opening Session

Wednesday, May 15
8 a.m. - 9 a.m.


Paul Vincent 
Vice President, Workplace Programs
National Safety Council



Keynote Presentation

Tim Page-Bottorff, MS, CSP, CIT
Senior Safety Consultant

Corrie Pitzer
Founder & CEO

Safemap International


The Battle Between Safety I and Safety II: Who's Right and Who's Wrong?

It’s a heated debate: Safety I vs. Safety II. Safety I includes long-standing strategies such as behavior-based safety and risk/safety engineering. Safety II promotes human and organizational performance. The safety professional is caught between these two schools of thought, which have some directly opposing ideas, such as their beliefs on the issue of Zero Harm: Safety I states that zero is a non-negotiable goal, while Safety II says that aiming for zero is in fact harmful. Who is right? Join us for an engaging discussion featuring two prominent safety veterans: Tim Page-Bottorff and Corrie Pitzer. Tim and Corrie will explore whether these perspectives are at odds with each other, or whether both have a place in the safety pro’s toolbox.