International Attendees

Apply for your VISA EARLY!
Attendees and Exhibitors who are not United States (U.S.) citizens, but will be traveling to the U.S. for the inaugural 2024 NSC Spring Safety Conference & Expo, may need to obtain a temporary VISA to enter the country. 

Official information on U.S. VISA policies and procedures is available from the U.S. Department of State.

U.S. immigration rules have changed, so even if you didn't previously need a VISA, we strongly encourage you review the current VISA Waiver Program requirements.

Resources & Links
Want to find more information on traveling in the United States? Use any one of the links below to search for more information on the process of obtaining a VISA.

Please note: the National Safety Council does not officially endorse these links and cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information provided.

Personalize and print your invitation

PLEASE NOTE: Neither the National Safety Council nor any affiliates of the National Safety Council have any influence over the issuance of a VISA. The National Safety Council cannot assist you in the interview process, nor can anyone representing the National Safety Council call the Embassy or Consulate on your behalf to provide support for granting a VISA. The determination is at the sole discretion of the Embassy/Consulate. Should your application be denied, the National Safety Council and its affiliates cannot change the decision of the governmental agency.

Don't forget your confirmation!
If you are a Canadian or International registrant, you will need to bring a printout of your bar-coded confirmation to pick up your badge. Valid photo ID will also be required.