BIS Training Solutions (BIS Safety)

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A secure, cloud-based EHS software suite comprised of innovative features designed to support and enhance the delivery, maintenance and reporting of training, assessments, and compliance requirements for all industries. Want to see our system in action? Email me today at


  • Digital Forms & Assessments

    Standardize and simplify your company’s forms.

    When you automate paperwork and clerical work, the greater you can scale - growing revenue and profits.

    Digital Forms...

  • Safety Incident Management Software
    Collect all incident data, identify root causes and learning points, implement corrective actions, and ensure proper notification up the chain of command. Contact us today.

  • Equipment Asset Management Software
    Stop chasing forms, reports, and employees to find the status of your company’s equipment.
    You can track locations and status of a particular piece of equipment, and more....

  • Online Learning Management Made Simple
    Our learning management system is simple and easy to use. Access 1,800+ of the top training courses from industry experts and training providers to step up your safety program.


  • Classroom Calendar Software for Safety Programs
    Streamline every facet of your in-class training. Track hundreds of classroom training courses, instructors, and registrations. Made for admins, instructors, and students.

  • SafeTapp Mobile App

    Your personal safety training and compliance app. Secure access to health and safety objectives in one convenient environment, health, and safety application.


  • Lone Worker Software
    Keep teams safe anywhere, anytime. The Lone Worker feature combined with the SafeTapp app enhances protection and peace of mind for workers while they are working alone.

  • Online Safety Course Catalog
    Train your employees and contractors with any of the 1,700+ online safety training courses for various industries available from the BIS Safety Software network.

  • Risk Management Software
    Risk Management software helps organize risk findings in one place. Combine Risk Management with Incident Reporting to gain a full picture before finishing your full report.

  • Onboarding Software
    With BIS Safety online orientations, you no longer need to spend time developing individual training sessions; instead, you can train hundreds of new hires in just a few clicks.