Larson Davis

Depew,  NY 
United States
  • Booth: 720

Larson Davis provides solutions for environmental noise monitoring, occupational noise evaluation, product testing, building acoustics, and audiometer calibration, enhancing safety and reducing noise and vibration exposure.

 Show Specials

  • Today we know rental is easier than getting CAPEX approvals. We got you covered.   Noise dosimeters, Meters, long term monitors.  One source for noise instruments own, rent or RTO. 
  • (May 03, 2024)
    Noise data on your phone, tablet, PC with no license or user fees.  We also don't require a software expert to use and understand our noise software.   Let us show you the difference.
  • We often get asked about old equipment and how to upgrade.  We have a plan for you.  Stop by the Larson Davis booth and ask us about our trade in specials at the show. 

 Press Releases

  • (May 03, 2024)
    American founded acoustics and noise company based in Provo Utah.  For over 40 years we have been assisting CIH, CSP and EHS with worker noise safety instruments.
  • Larson Davis has a line of instruments made specifically for Worker Noise Dosimetry and Site mapping of noise.  Our Spartan line has won design awards and considered the best.
  • Larson Davis is the world leader in acoustic monitoring, worker noise and integrated systems from compliance monitoring.   Some use the Edge, we give you the edge with Spartan.
  • Some claim they can Chek Noise.  We want to help you solve real problems with technical support and superior application expertise.  Use our Spartans get the more than a chek!
  • (May 03, 2024)
    PDC's and commitment to the safety of worker noise exposure is only part of what we provide with our people. Noise Dosimettry and Site Assessments done right.  Ask us how. 
  • Hearing loss is one of the most common liability claims from workers so protection is important.  If you manage worker noise, consult or insure Larson Davis helps you protect!
  • DId you know Larson Davis has recently added Repss Inc to our team of distributors.  Repss has a staff of field technical experts in safety instruments.  If you like Repss so do we.
  • Midwest based TMS Rentals has Larson Davis for rent!  Same day shipping, great rates.  So if you rent vs buy contact us or come by our booth and we can offer a variety of noise rentals.


  • Spartan Noise Dosimeters Model 730/730IS
    MSHA, ATEX, IS, Standard.  Larson Davis has a complete and complaint model for you.  Our Spartan Noise dosimeters are unique and easy.  Giving you reliable and useful tools and data.  ...

  • Spartan Sound Level Meters
    Doing Noise Site Assessments by the standard? We can guide you with the right instruments and newest technology advancements in noise monitoring.  Both equipment and knowhow. ...

  • Noise data which is Useful from Larson Davis
    In our world today there are two types of information, that which is interesting and that which is useful.  Let us show you why more people use Larson Davis for USEFUL Information.  ...

  • Unattended outdoor noise
    Mining, construction, & expansion all typically have noise monitoring requirements.  We have best in class solutions whether 2day, 2 months or 2 years.  Our systems perform!...

  • "Cover-Alls" for Noise- Larson Davis
    We got you covered, site mapping, general purpose noise monitoring, worker noise.  We have 40 years in design of noise measurement solutions. ...

  • Had your daily dose? Noise done right with LD
    If you want to know how OSHA expects you to measure noise dose of your workers.  We are the solutions experts.  Dosimeters, Meters and expertise.  Come check us out. ...